montagne rousse ride

it’s up and down, and faster and faster, no stop for 5 weeks now.

I don’t know what do you think about when you first read that, but it’s my work schedule for a month or so now. It feels like a montagne rousse, with all of the rush and thrill and panics and hype. The anticipation rush, the start, then the hype of working late and doing much, of meeting new people everyday, than the adrenaline pump of taking 2 projects at the same time, the no-time-for-sleep-rush, the -and-runing-through-town-rush, the waking up and feeling like you cannot keep going on, of pushing even more (one more day, 2 more), of tired feet and heart and mind, of need to rest, of cannot rest, to-much-work-to-be-done rush, of spread mind, the “fuck, so much behind with other task, got to do that as well and now” rush, the caffeine and pepsi rush, the planning new stuff plans, the dreaming of having my own training design rush, the plan of moving at the seaside rush, the waking up late and running to the meeting point rush, the i-know-it’s-the-last-early-morning rush, the need of hugs rush, the feeling like nothing good rush and everything else.

ImageThis has been my life for about 5 weeks now, no weekend, full and more than full time work, with lots of love for all what i’ve done, but lots of fears because i’m putting so much of my self so that every second counts.

Scoala lui Andrei, Scoala Altfel, TTC for Grow Programme, and back to SLA, and meetings, plans for Incubator107, Ikedoo Workshop, planing for Jukava, 2 trainings full weekend and conference in another.

And now i’ve reached that double cross point of “i need 3 days to shut down” and “i should not sleep at all, i feel more tired after that”.


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