have you ever seen a ghost? a ghost you thought you escaped?cineva care obisnuiai sa fii si pe care te chinui sa il schimbi?
i did,today,during training,while playing a “game”. new things for which i didn’t believe i stand (competition,winning,being best) took over me in a blink of an eye and,poof!,i was back. back to being me from 12 years back.back to telling people to shut up,to losing it for not being the almighty leader.
It hurt.i didn’t want that but it came and took over so fast.i stopped for a second,withdrawn but then the game came over me.win,Win,WIN!!! WTF?!!?! that’s not me or not like that.
I’m not saying i don’t want to win (who doesn’t,come on),it’s just i reacted controling,like a bitch,trying to control everyone.it’s not right like that. not for me,anyhow.
incerc sa’mi revin si sa’mi dau seama ca e abia miercuri -a 3a zi – si ca pana la final e drum lung si multe de aflat,insa reactia de azi ma sperie si ma face sa ma tem de ce va urma.


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