there is something reminiscent inside me. Don’t know what, where or what/how did it activate itself, but i’ve been feeling it for the past couple of days. It’s like a ghost from the past, kind of like the one of the Christmas past, but mine brings memories from more than one time, one season, one year. It’s this sort of ghost which makes me miss the feeling of freedom and sun on my skin I had 2 years ago in Ohrid, the sense of freedom I’ve experienced last year in France, the thrill of going in a new place and trying to find my own place there, the “no-strings-attached” feeling last year in Greece, the feeling of being loved and cared by someone, the feeling of hand soothing your skin under the blanked, the feeling of rain on your skin, and of dancing in the wind. The smell of winter from when I was a kid, or of rain from when i was a teenager. The smell of new books in my favourite library, from college years, the feeling i have at takeoff.

I have this feeling of reminiscent…don’t know where from and where it wants to take me…


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