toate la timpul lor

why do parents put so much pressure on their kids?

“maturizează-te şi tu odată, înţelege..”, “fii tu ăla mai mare şi mai înţelept..”, “când ai de gând să devi responsabil?”.

Don’t they know they are stealing their children’s life? Is not natural to act 30 when you are 10, don’t they see it? It’s not the age to think of jobs they will have, money they will earn or who they will marry. It’s not natural to feel an adult when you are a kid. Why tell them “act like a grown-up”, when that’s not what they are? Even at 14,15. They are kids and they should act like kids, live their childhood freely of any grownup thought. Only like that they will be able to grow up natural, healthy and accordingly to their body’s age, and not get stuck in one of the previous phases in life.

Why do parents age us before our time? Don’t they know what we cannot take back those years and act that age?

I say act your age! Act the age that you feel inside in order to help that left-behind child or teenager grow up. Love him and understand him, take him out for an ice cream, a walk in the park, take him to see the circus, if that’s what he wants, understand his need for love, his hurts and his tears and respect them. Explain to him calmly when you cannot accomplish his dream but don’t expect him to give up on it or still not turn his head on the street when he sees that cool bike he asked for.



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